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We offer a wide selection of glass packaging such as jars and bottles in almost all sizes and capacities available on the market, as well as twist-off caps with individual custom-made printing. Additionally, our glass containers are characterized by various patterns and shapes emphasizing the character of a given product, proper display and suitable storage.

The quality of glass packaging is the key to customer satisfaction

We pay special attention to the quality of our products. Our glass containers come from reliable sources as we cooperate with the largest glass plants in Poland and abroad. Our products come from recognized and respected manufacturers who maintain the highest quality standards.

Due to the extremely wide selection of glass products, we only display a part of our offer. Therefore, if you are interested in a specific glass container that is not presented on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We provide jars intended for food preservation, such as fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, mustard, horseradish, mayonnaise, honey and many others.


We offer flint, amber and green bottles for alcoholic products, water, juices, syrups, sauces; oil and vinegar, as well as many other food and chemical products.

Twist-off closures

We sell twist-off caps from top manufacturers with wide selection of patterns and colors, as well as caps with printing for food, beverage and beekeeping sectors.


Glass is one of the most frequently selected materials for packaging production. It is odor and dirt resistant, has smooth texture and just brings good taste and elegance, which allows for an attractive display of the product. Together with a properly selected closure, it allows the product to be hermetically sealed, which makes it possible to store for a long time.


Glass containers contain drinks, ready-made meals, various preserves and many other products. Regardless of the nature of the products you might produce, our offer includes easy to find glass packaging including bottles, jars and caps.